The Choice Awards 

on Health and Wellness

May 19, 20 & 21, 2016

Washington DC


Selection Process


The American Academy on Health, Wellness, and Prevention promotes efforts to improve the health, wellness, and welfare of the nation. The Choice Awards was founded in 2002 by the American Alliance of Healthcare Providers to recognize the Best Hospitals in America. The Awards has expanded to reward, not only hospitals and healthcare organization, but also individuals with who make a significant contribution addressing health and wellness issues.

The Choice Awards seeks to recognize healthcare organizations that are not only committed to healing the sick, but that also strive to prevent illness. Organizations that encourage both consumers and employees to live healthier lifestyle. Facilities that demonstrate effectiveness at addressing safety and environmental concerns from air purification and natural resources, to recycling and office improvement.

The Choice Awards also seeks to recognize individuals committed to health improvement in the special areas of endurance, functionality, flexibility, and longevity; also individuals addressing emotional health issues of adaptability, resilience, happiness, and courage.​


The mission of  the American Academy on Health and Wellness is to provide strategies with interventions designed to promote, protect, and preserve the health and well being of all of society.​
We serve the entire American community by:
Presenting health related programs, services and events.
Participating in and contributing to professional organizations at national, regional, and local levels.
Establishing and maintaining collaborative professional relationships with healthcare organizations, retirement communities, hotels, and others committed to providing healthiest lifestyle.
Identifying health and wellness resources for callers presenting a variety of bio-psychosocial personal needs.